Misconceptions About Personal Injury Lawsuits in Providence, RI

Decof, Barry, Mega & Quinn seeks to inform our clients and the public about the common misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding personal injury lawsuits. We work with clients on a variety of injury cases, including the following practice areas:

Misconception #1: I should settle my personal injury case quickly

Do not settle any claim without getting advice from an attorney. A defendant or insurance company will take advantage of your need for funds before you know the full extent of the harm. You deserve to receive medical attention in a timely fashion and complete all the treatment your doctors recommend. You also deserve appropriate legal representation and should be careful and attentive in making your choice of a lawyer.

Misconception #2: I can’t sue because people might think the accident was my fault

While fault is one of the issues to be decided in a personal injury case, you need a lawyer to advocate on your behalf. Even if you might share some blame, Rhode Island’s personal injury laws take the fault of all parties into account. You may still be able to receive compensation from a personal injury law suit in Providence, RI even if you were partially at fault for the injuries you suffered.

Misconception #3: An injury lawsuit in Providence, RI guarantees compensation

No lawsuit is guaranteed to result in a settlement. While hiring a true trial lawyer is a good step towards getting the compensation you deserve, you need a strong advocate for your position. Just filing a lawsuit does not entitle you to compensation, making your choice of attorney a very important consideration.

Misconception #4: Any lawyer can handle a personal injury case.

Any given personal injury lawsuit contains certain legal “elements” and implicates particular laws that not every attorney is familiar with. Also, even though many cases settle without a trial, you should always work with a personal injury lawyer that has specific experience with that particular area. If your case does not settle, you want an advocate who is prepared to go before a jury with your lawsuit.

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