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Rhode Island Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

When Negligence Causes Irreversible Harm

A personal injury lawsuit offers the opportunity to pursue financial compensation for any and all expenses and losses associated with the injury. This includes future expenses.

Decof, Decof & Barry, P.C. diligently and successfully pursues compensation for spinal cord injury victims. While no amount of money can reverse the damage spinal injuries often cause, large settlements are often imperative to provide victims with critical lifelong care.

Our lawyers have extensive experience with personal injury actions involving spinal cord injuries. We have successfully negotiated and litigated numerous multimillion-dollar recoveries for our clients, and we have a history in this complex field that spans well over 40 years.

How Our Firm Can Help You

Our Rhode Island spinal cord injury attorneys can provide the seasoned counsel you need. Call (401) 200-4059 to learn more.

What Causes Spine Injuries?

When a spinal cord injury occurs, it is important to consider its cause and who may be responsible. With our resources and by working with experts in accident reconstruction, engineering, and other relevant fields, we can paint a clear picture of what occurred.

We have experience in cases involving spinal cord injuries caused by:

  • Car, truck, motorcycle, and other motor vehicle accidents
  • Medical malpractice, such as surgical or anesthesia errors
  • Construction site accidents, such as falls
  • Defective and dangerous consumer products
  • Diving and swimming injuries
  • Slip and fall accidents and other incidents caused by hazards on another’s property

Get Started on Your Case Today

Spinal injuries can dramatically affect the lives of victims and their families. In many cases, these injuries leave victims permanently disabled, or in need of months, years, and in some instances, even a lifetime of rehabilitation, therapy, and care.

When spinal cord injuries are caused by negligence or other forms of wrongdoing, our civil justice system offers a way to recover damages from the at-fault party or parties. Our experienced team is ready to fight for you! Don't wait to get help, contact our firm today.

From our offices in Providence, we represent clients across Rhode Island in spinal cord injury cases. Call (401) 200-4059 to arrange a free consultation with one of our lawyers.


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