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Have you or a loved one suffered a severe burn injury? Was it caused by the negligence of a third party? If so, you may be able to pursue compensation for the damages you have sustained.

The Rhode Island burn injury attorneys at Decof Barry Mega & Quinn, P.C. have decades of experience successfully representing people who have suffered devastating injuries from fires, burns, and electrocutions. We have the resources, knowledge, and experience required to deal with the most complex and challenging burn injury cases.

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Determining the Cause of Your Burn Injury

Burn injuries can be caused by various acts of negligence, carelessness, or wrongdoing. One of the primary missions of our firm, should we take on your case, will be to determine what caused your injuries and therefore who should be held responsible.

The following are examples of incidents that can cause severe burns:

Determining Liability for Your Burn Injury

Our burn injury lawyers in Rhode Island utilize the expertise of accident reconstruction specialists, medical professionals, investigators, and others to accurately ascertain cause and liability.

Suffering from a burn injury? Decof, Barry, Mega & Quinn, P.C. is here to help you fight for the compensation you deserve. Call (401) 200-4059 today to schedule a free consultation with our firm.

Compensation Available for Burn Injury Victims

With the cost of medical treatment and psychological trauma typically associated with severe burn injuries, it is important to recover fair compensation from the party or parties who are to blame.

A Rhode Island burn injury attorney can help you get on the road to recovery by securing compensation for the following types of expenses:

  • Emergency medical care and hospital bills
  • Skin grafts and transplants
  • Reconstruction and plastic surgery
  • Loss of income and potential future earnings
  • Vocational rehabilitation

Due to the catastrophic nature of burn injuries, you may also be able to pursue non-financial damages, such as pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and loss of quality of life. To find out what your burn injury lawsuit might be worth, contact Decof, Barry, Mega & Quinn today.

Classification of Burns

Whether your burn injury was caused at work or at home, it's important to know the severity of the burn.

Identifying the burn's severity:

  • First-degree burns: Damage to the outer layer of the skin without blistering
  • Second-degree burns: Damage to the epidermis and the layer beneath it; a second-degree burn may leave a scar
  • Third-degree burns: Damage to the skin and underlying tissue; may cause nerve damage and could require skin grafting
  • Fourth-degree burns: Damage to the muscle, tendons, and bones and injury could be fatal; the victim may have no pain because of the extensive damage

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are serious and can be caused by:

  • Hot objects
  • Electrical currents
  • Chemicals
  • Radiation
  • And more

What Are the Common Types of Burn Injuries?

​​ Some of the most common types of burn injuries include:

  • Electrical burns
  • Thermal burns
  • Chemical burns
  • Burns from hot liquids
  • Radiation burns

Put Over 40 Years of Experience on Your Side With Decof, Barry, Mega & Quinn, P.C.

Burn victims or close relatives of victims who have died because of serious burns may pursue a personal injury or wrongful death claim. If you've been seriously burned in Rhode Island, contact our skilled burn injury attorneys. Our firm takes pride in holding landlords, drivers, business owners, and others accountable and obtaining compensation for those who deserve it.

To learn more, call (401) 200-4059. We are standing by to offer our insight and guidance. Contact us online to schedule a consultation with our skilled Rhode Island burn injury lawyers. 


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