Steps in the Litigation Process

If you are considering contacting us for a Rhode Island or Massachusetts medical malpractice suit, you or a loved one has likely experienced a very bad result of recent health care. Each case undertaken by a malpractice lawyer at Decof, Barry, Mega & Quinn is carefully investigated and analyzed in order to produce a solid and winnable suit. Our plan of action for a medical malpractice investigation and lawsuit typically contains the following elements:

  • An initial meeting.

    We meet with you in a free initial consultation to discuss the details of your case. Together, we determine if the situation suggests a full and independent investigation by our team of attorneys is appropriate.

  • Evidence collection.

    We will obtain copies of all medical records and other important evidence, such as pathology slides, autopsy reports and medical literature and studies concerning the care you received. We ask you to bring us any documentation that can help support your case, such as medical bills and records that you may have, photographs, or communications with healthcare providers, employers, and insurance companies. We collect complete copies of your medical records and work with outside doctors to review the care.

  • Discovery.

    If there are good grounds to bring a case, we engage in “discovery” with the opposing party. Discovery is where each side shares its evidence for the medical malpractice lawsuit. In Providence, RI and other parts of the country, these procedures are essentially similar. The discovery process includes taking “depositions” or sworn statements from the care providers involved in your case.

  • Trial.

    If no settlement is forthcoming, we take your Providence, RI medical malpractice lawsuit to court. We argue that your healthcare provider or providers are responsible for your injuries, and that you deserve compensation. If no compensation is awarded, we can appeal the verdict in order to deliver you justice.

  • Fees and Expenses.

    You pay us no fees or expenses unless we succeed in obtaining a settlement on your behalf.

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