How to Determine if You Have Found the Correct Injury Attorney in Providence, RI

A personal injury lawsuit is often a person’s first experience with the court system. Decof, Decof & Barry has practiced injury law in Rhode Island and Massachusetts since 1975. Our personal injury lawyers in Providence, RI understand the stress that you feel when searching for a qualified attorney to handle your case. The skilled attorneys at Decof & Decof assist clients with the following practice areas:

The trust you put into your personal injury attorney is very important and may require some due diligence on your part. A good lawyer may be effective, but still not the right representative for your case. Ultimately, you need to select an attorney who will advocate for you. The Providence, RI personal injury attorneys of Decof & Decof have acted as advocates for countless clients—and may be able to do the same for you.

Planning to meet your lawyer

Before meeting with a prospective personal injury attorney in Providence, RI, you need to do your research. The popular option currently is to review attorneys’ websites for information, such as:

  • Definitive answers regarding whether the firm does plaintiff or defendant representation
  • Information and facts supporting claims of experience
  • Information regarding whether the attorney is a member of any voluntary organizations for personal injury

You can also use a search engine to see if there is any information about the firm. Alternatively, a personal injury lawyer in Providence, RI will usually author articles that may be available on the Internet.

From your research, narrow down your options to the three or four personal injury attorneys that you believe will best represent your interests. Almost all Providence, RI injury attorneys offer free initial consultations by telephone or in person and you should take the opportunity to meet with more than one lawyer to weigh your options.

Questions for potential attorneys

Once you sign a retainer agreement with a lawyer, you have agreed to let that particular injury lawyer represent your case. However, you should get answers to the following questions before you retain an attorney:

  • How many personal injury trials the attorney has handled? Out of those cases, how many did the Providence, RI injury lawyer win?
  • How long has he or she been in practice?
  • How would each personal injury lawyer go about handling your case?
  • Does he or she see any foreseeable problems in your case?
  • How long does the Providence, RI personal injury lawyer estimate your matter will take to settle?
  • What types of experts would the attorney call in this case?

If you have found one or more Providence, RI personal injury lawyers you think may be a good fit for you, you should request references and permission to speak to their representative clients. This may help you narrow down your search. Additionally, treat your initial consultation like a business meeting. Expect your Providence, RI injury lawyer to be prompt, courteous, and attentive to your questions.

Let us help

Please contact one of our attorneys to schedule a free consultation. We work for clients on a contingency fee arrangement, which means you pay no legal fee or costs unless we obtain a verdict or settlement for you. We cover all areas of RI, including Providence plus the Boston, MA area and southern CT.