3 10, 2017

Industrial Accidents – What Should You Do?

Oct 3rd, 2017|

The workplace can be a place of great danger. Assembly lines, shop floors, warehouses and construction sites all present certain risks of personal injury, or even death. But what if such an event is caused not by inherent risks in such activity, but by the carelessness or inattention of others on or in charge of

20 09, 2017

What Is The Difference Between Personal Injury And Wrongful Death

Sep 20th, 2017|

At Decof, Decof & Barry we represent individuals and families pursuing personal injury claims. A personal injury claim refers to a broad class of claims for damages due to the fault of another. A wrongful death claim is a subcategory of personal injury claims in which death results. A wrongful death claim is brought

31 07, 2017

What Parents Should Know about Birth Injuries

Jul 31st, 2017|

Each year thousands of children in America are born with preventable birth injuries.  Mismanagement during the prenatal period, during delivery and in the neonatal nursery can lead to devastating neurological and orthopedic problems.

Failing to diagnose developing problems throughout the prenatal period and failing to act quickly when signs of distress occur during delivery are

10 07, 2017

Pediatric Malpractice: When Children are the Victims

Jul 10th, 2017|

Study after study continues to show that medical malpractice is a significant cause of patient death and injury in the United States. Unfortunately, our most vulnerable patients are at the most risk.  Indeed, children with chronic medical conditions who are hospitalized are significantly more likely to experience medical errors while in the hospital. For

20 06, 2017

Medical Errors and Surgical Malpractice: What You Should Know

Jun 20th, 2017|

Medical errors occur too often. They are the third leading cause of death in the United States, as reported in a May 2016 research paper authored by physicians at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland and published in the British Journal of Medicine. The authors reported that more than 250,000 deaths per

6 06, 2017

Personal Injury in a Bicycle Accident

Jun 6th, 2017|

As the weather heats up, many people are dusting off their bicycles, pumping up their tires, and hitting the roads for a ride around town.  Bicycling can be a great method of transportation, a fun way to get some exercise, or both.  However, biking on open roads can be dangerous even when you are

2 06, 2017

Why Are Some Politicians Pushing Tort Reform? What You Need to Know

Jun 2nd, 2017|

As discussed in my May 4th blog post, “Proposed Tort Reform Threatens Right to a Fair Trial: What You Need to Know,” the attempts to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act include an insidious component—medical liability tort reform. These efforts would impose “caps” on damages awarded by juries, and additional unfair burdens on

15 05, 2017

How to Keep Your Child Safe: Defective Toys & Product Liability

May 15th, 2017|

It is every parent’s worst nightmare. A small part of a toy purchased or gifted to his or her child that appeared safe dislodges and is ingested, causing a catastrophic choking incident or death. A parent should be able to rely on toy manufacturers to painstakingly and arduously test and retest their toy products

8 05, 2017

How Walking and Texting Can Cause Injury to Others

May 8th, 2017|

In previous blog posts, I have written about the dangers inherent in texting while driving.  In this post, I discuss how the action of texting while walking can sometimes cause injury to others.  It is often called distracted walking.

When people fail to appreciate their surroundings while walking, they can injure others.  If you log