Personal Injury in a Bicycle Accident

As the weather heats up, many people are dusting off their bicycles, pumping up their tires, and hitting the roads for a ride around town.  Bicycling can be a great method of transportation, a fun way to get some exercise, or both.  However, biking on open roads can be dangerous even when you are trying to ride safely and observing all biking safety laws.  That’s why the attorneys at Decof, Decof & Barry, P.C. have put together a list of tips to help you avoid a personal injury in a bicycle accident.

bicycle accident

Whether you are cruising around the block or going for a long ride on busy roads and through intersections, we recommend the following to help keep you safe all summer long:

  • Wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet is simple, easy, and may save your life in the event of a crash. Check out or your city website to find out the bicycle helmet laws for your local area. For example, Rhode Island law requires children 15 years old and younger to wear a helmet.
  • Ride with a friend. Biking together increases the chances a motorist will see and avoid you, and a riding partner can also help you after a crash or an incident with a motor vehicle.
  • Ride on the right side of the road and travel with traffic. Many people think it is better to ride into traffic because it helps you see oncoming cars. This is incorrect and prevents you from seeing signs and properly observing traffic patterns. Check out your city website to find out the bicycle riding laws for your local area. For example, in Rhode Island, the law requires you to ride on the right side of the road.
  • Potentially seek a claim. If you are injured by a roadway hazard or construction defect, you may be able to bring a claim against the city, state, or construction company responsible for the hazard that caused your crash and injuries. Incidents in which someone is injured by a motorist happen too often and, frequently, lead to claims and litigation.  Be sure to choose a lawyer experienced in handling these claims and one who knows how to find all available insurance coverage.

Selecting an accomplished, experienced, and professional law firm to handle your personal injury claim can be the first step toward getting you back on your feet.  Across all types of bike accidents, there are many complex and challenging legal issues that can affect your recovery in a case.  Was the motorist texting or checking their social media while driving?  Our attorneys know how to secure cell phone evidence through the legal discovery process or a subpoena where necessary.  Can you sue a city, town or the state for creating a dangerous condition on a roadway?  Our attorneys have successfully brought actions against the full range of government entities and know how to navigate the process to maximize your claims.

If you have been injured in a bike accident that is someone else’s fault, we invite you to contact one of the attorneys at Decof, Decof & Barry, P.C. to explore your potential cases or personal injury claims.

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