What Constitutes Medical Malpractice?

The impact of medical malpractice laws in Providence, RI

In Providence, RI, medical malpractice laws follow state statutes and regulations regarding acceptable standards of care. While certain healthcare providers might be less competent than others, not all of their actions necessarily break Rhode Island malpractice laws. Decof & Decof excels at determining whether or not their low standards of care do constitute medical malpractice. If we find that they do, we fight to collect damages for the harm that resulted.

You may be able to file a medical malpractice lawsuit if:

  • You were given an incorrect diagnosis
  • You were given the correct diagnosis, but too late
  • Appropriate follow-up treatments, procedures, or medications were not administered in a timely manner
  • The healthcare provider was not licensed, or was operating with a suspended license
  • The wrong limb or organ was operated on during surgery
  • You were given the wrong prescription, or an incorrect dosage, for your condition
  • Lab results were miscalculated or misinterpreted
  • The medical staff failed to take appropriate cautionary measures, such as maintaining infection control

In essence, Rhode Island medical malpractice laws have been broken when your healthcare provider has failed to do what would reasonably be expected from any provider in a similar situation. Medical law is a highly technical area, and when your health is at stake, you will want the experience and skill that Decof & Decof has to offer you.

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