Securing Help Before You Settle a Case

Why you should see us for advice on state and local Providence, RI medical malpractice settlements

While it may seem like a reasonable idea to accept a settlement without first speaking to an attorney, doing so is likely to be a mistake that will cost you a great deal in the long run.

An attorney who is skilled in medical malpractice law and experienced in Providence, RI malpractice settlements will be able to discuss with you, in detail, what kind of compensation you can expect. Decof & Decof takes into account past, present, and future medical expenses and lost wages, as well as the pain and suffering that resulted from negligent actions. Your opponents and their attorneys, on the other hand, will offer as little compensation as they can get away with, not taking into account the numerous ways in which the malpractice affected your life.

When it comes time to seek a state or local Providence, RI malpractice settlement, Decof and Decof has more than thirty-five years of experience at its disposal. We have obtained more than five million dollars in verdicts and settlements for satisfied clients throughout the state, and our stellar reputation is well-known. Once your adversaries find out who we are, they know we will fight for just compensation on behalf of our clients, and that we are ready to engage in fierce litigation. You are more likely to obtain larger Providence, RI medical malpractice settlements when the other side knows how prepared and willing you are to go to trial.

Do not make the mistake of accepting a smaller settlement without first speaking to Decof & Decof. We negotiate hard, and we fight aggressively for your future.

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Please contact one of our attorneys to schedule a free consultation. We work for clients on a contingency fee arrangement, which means you pay no legal fee or costs unless we obtain a verdict or settlement for you. We cover all areas of RI, including Providence plus the Boston, MA area and southern CT.