Always Seek Experienced Legal Advice for Your State or Local Providence, RI Malpractice Case

Decof, Decof & Barry knows that nothing is more important than the health of yourself and your family members. It can be devastating when a person’s health has been compromised or damaged, due to a negligent or reckless healthcare provider. When that happens, we are here to provide the soundest legal advice and guidance for your medical malpractice case in Providence, RI as well as throughout the state.

Here are a few important reasons why experienced representation is crucial for your medical malpractice case:

  • Your healthcare providers have their own formidable attorneys.

    Medical professionals constantly fear the day when they will be taken to task for mistakes they make, and will therefore have their own tough team of lawyers. You need representation with a consistent record of outdoing the competition and fiercely advocating for malpractice victims.

  • You will be offered a smaller settlement than you deserve.

    You may be tempted to negotiate a deal with healthcare providers or their insurance companies in order to avoid a court battle, but chances are that the other side is hiding something. Having a strong attorney at your side substantially increases the chances that the award for your Providence, RI medical malpractice claim will be in line with what your injury truly merits.

  • Medical lawsuits should be undertaken only by professionals.

    With over thirty-five years of experience, and having collected more than five million dollars in damages, Decof and Decof has the knowledge and skill to handle detailed and demanding cases. The medical field is highly technical and constantly changing, which is why we it is our full-time priority to keep up with it.

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