A Providence, RI Malpractice Suit: Steps in the Litigation Process

Our team explains malpractice lawsuits in Providence, RI and the surrounding area

The best way to accomplish a large feat, such as filing a successful Providence, RI medical malpractice suit, is to break it down into smaller goals. Each case undertaken by a malpractice lawyer at Decof & Decof is broken down to its basic elements and carefully arranged to produce a solid and winnable suit.

While Decof & Decof is located in Providence, our attorneys serve clients throughout Rhode Island. Our plan of action for a medical malpractice lawsuit typically contains the following elements:

  • An initial meeting.

    We meet with you in a free initial consultation to discuss the details of your case. Together, we determine if enough evidence exists to substantiate the claim.

  • Evidence collection.

    If we can substantiate your medical malpractice suit in Providence, RI, then we begin the process of evidence collection. We ask you to bring us any documentation that can help support your case, such as witness statements, medical bills, photographs, or communications with healthcare providers, employers, and insurance companies.

  • Discovery.

    We engage in discovery with the opposing party. Discovery is where each side shares its evidence for the medical malpractice lawsuit in Providence, RI. If a settlement can be obtained from your opponent, this is the point at which it will occur.

If no settlement is forthcoming, we take your Providence, RI medical malpractice lawsuit to court. We argue that your healthcare provider or providers are responsible for your injuries, and that you deserve compensation. If no compensation is awarded, we can appeal the verdict in order to deliver you justice.

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