NYT Reports: Federal Judge Approves Guilty Plea by Deepwater Horizon

By : Patrick C. Barry - Feb 27th, 2013

When a corporation makes fatally dangerous decisions, the consequences can go beyond a civil suit. The New York Times (February 15, 2013) reports that a federal judge in New Orleans has approved the guilty plea by the corporate owner of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, along with a $400 million criminal penalty. Transocean’s actions, and those of other parties, left 11 workers dead and caused an environmental calamity in the Gulf of Mexico. Corporate malfeasance on this level can result not only in civil claims for compensation, but criminal charges as well.


Patrick C. Barry

Patrick Barry is an accomplished trial lawyer and public safety advocate. He is a past President of the Rhode Island Association for Justice, an organization of approximately 400 civil justice lawyers, and a former Governor of the American Association for Justice. Mr. Barry also served as a public member of the Rhode Island Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline, the licensing board for all physicians in the state, from 2005 to 2013. Read full bio.
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